Thursday, December 6, 2018

My Dream Was My Ticket Out!

I have not blogged for nearly two months and I am not sure why I am blogging today; I guess I just got a wild blog up my butt? I also miss all of you!

I have been working on my first novel which takes a considerable amount of time as I have learned. I have moved along pretty well but I know it will be a laborious task before I am finished with the book. Cha Cha and I are still working on getting the podcast up and running; the studio is back in order. I guess I will be on Facebook more again in the meantime; I just needed a break for my sanity's sake (what I have left of my sanity, that is). I won't be on Facebook as much as I had been previously but, who knows, I may be on more than I think? I have 89 unread message from, probably partially, from you.

The political climate is still very disheartening to me but I feel that there is brightness on the horizon.  I am happy to see all of the women and people of color and sexual orientations gaining major political positions in the country. That is what America is all about to me and that is how I have always felt.
Jill and I were supposed to go see Trevor Noah at Northern Illinois University on November 10th and that got rescheduled because of his illness. It was rescheduled for this Sunday night. December  9th, but he had to re-reschedule because he is still sick. So, they rescheduled it again and now we are not sure when we will get to see him as the new date has not been scheduled. I guess we could sell the tickets or get a refund but we have good seats and we like him so we will just wait and see what date the next reschedule will fall upon. They did say it will be in 2019 which is very soon now.

I don't have much else today but I will try to blog more often as I am off from work four days a week. Many weeks I have an extra day off because of my problem with my knee and and my opposing Achilles tendon. I can call off when I am having an issue and the time is not accountable time. Blogging about that, I got a bill from one of my doctors (the worst one of the ones that I visited) for another $500 for a pair of orthopedic shoes that I have never received. I do not plan to pick up these shoes (that is a trap) and I have paid everything else in full. I had previously written him a letter letting him know how I felt he did a poor job but I paid everything up to that point. He wrote me back how he did a great job... I will consult an attorney if I need too. The last time I saw him was July 26th. The bills always took a long time to get to me and I paid them immediately when they arrived. The last payment was in early September which was everything I had received and, as far as I am concerned, he is paid in full. I talked to one of my neighbors (Lisa) about him and she had gone to him before and she told me about her terrible interactions with this doctor who does not seem to understand the Hippocratic oath.

I am sorry if I offend you by my political rhetoric but I respect your opinions even if they differ from mine even though you may be incorrect. My writing fluids are flowing again and I think this blog will help me to continue to push through with my upcoming best-selling novel. I will be happy to sign a copy for you once the first edition is printed.

I am going to end now and get some dinner. Thank you for stopping by again; I will blog as I can. You are still very important to me and always will be. TTT? MITM (out) TA!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Love #42

I wonder how much he would be worth today?
I apologize that I have not written in almost a week. Life often gets in the way of our hobbies (as I guess this is a hobby). Work takes a bit over half a day (12 and a half hours if you consider the drive each way) for three days of my week. The week before this (which is "sort of" last week though my week is over this week already) was a rough one. I had to call off the week before last because of the mushpounder incident that I wrote about on October 2nd. I have a doctor's appointment about that knee because it still causes me somewhere between discomfort and agony most every day. One of my Operations' Managers suggested that I see about getting intermittent FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) to cover days if I should have an issue when I cannot come in again. The FMLA, if I call-off, would allow the hours to not be accountable against me. I could then, if I wished, back-fill the hours missed with my accrued vacation hours. I would rather be well but I prefer even more having my knee be pain-free. I woke up this morning with a slightly swollen, aching knee cap but I think I may be getting used to the pain. I hope it is just like arthritis or something because I do not need bionic kneecaps.

Sure am happy that we got the furnace/air conditioner fixed since the weather has been having drastic mood swings over the past few weeks. Air conditioner on one day and furnace on the next.

Last night I watched The Tuskegee Airmen and right now I am watching Glory. I have seen them both many, many times but I like them both greatly. If I believed in reincarnation I would believe that I was an African American in a previous life. The fortitude and struggles of these people were paramount. My knee discomfort and pain mean nothing compared to what they had to endure.

I may have to watch the movie 42 next. If I cannot find it on one of our many ROKU channels I do have the DVD and I can watch it that way. My opinion is that Harrison Ford overacted a bit in 42 but I can deal with that.. I have many baseball caps and my favorite one is my Brooklyn Dodgers' cap. I am also very fond of my Montreal Expos' cap. I guess I like defunct teams' caps.

Still working on getting the podcast going again. There have been a few setbacks but I got more excited after listening to a few of our old show that were/are stored on my cellphone. I am going to try to get them on-line and I will let you know if/when/how I can do that; Cha Cha is the technical guru so I will have to get it figured out.

I think you probably have had enough from me for today. I'll try to blog again tomorrow but I am going to stop being too hopeful because something always seems to come up. Ha, I just looked and 42 is on Netflix. The trifecta will be completed and, maybe, I will have to try for the quinella after that is done? TTTT (probably)... MITM (out) TA!

Friday, October 5, 2018

"Nowhere special, I always wanted to go there"

$10 part and $85 labor
The air conditioning was fixed yesterday and all is well. I have it set at 72 degrees but the thermostat reads 56 degrees right now at 08:34. It is so chilly that the air conditioning won't even come on. It will work well because the furnace will need to work very soon. Thankfully, it was a quick and fairly inexpensive fix.

To celebrate National Taco Day yesternight I went to the store and got all of the fixin's for tacos and guacamole and I made them here. The great thing about that is that we have leftovers for today (tacos, taco salads, nachos...) I may even have a taco omelette this morning.
Be sure to register and vote!
I mentioned the show The FBI (1965-1974) yesterday and I could not find it anywhere on any of the many, many channels that we have, though the new updated version is beginning. There were several partial episodes of the old show on You Tube so I watched those and that quelled my itch. Right now I am watching Blazing Saddles for the 324th time; I wonder if a studio would/could even make this film today. I could watch Mel Brooks' movies forever. I think Richard Pryor was one of the team of writers for this film? I like when the directors of films appear in their own films (either starring or cameos). Mel Brooks makes me think of this as I am watching one of his films and I have seen him in it, so far, about ten times as different characters. Other directors I can think who have done this are: Alfred Hitchcock, Kevin Smith, Clint Eastwood, Roman Polanski, Orson Wells, Spike Lee, Peter Jackson, Christopher Guest, M. Knight Shyamalan, Woody Allen... I am sure there are many more that I am missing. Why not get directing money and acting money at the same time? You're there anyway so take on a part-time job in addition to the full-time gig of directing.

I do not have much more on my mind today other than I already feel like taking a nap though it is only 10:12. I think the political nonsense is wearing me out. I started writing more about that but I backspaced it out as that is one of the topics that we aren't supposed to talk about. But, how do things get remedied and changed if they are not spoken about?

Gene Wilder (The Waco Kid) just said, "Nowhere special, I always wanted to go there." I am with him on that one. Given that, I imagine that you know the movie has just ended as will today's blog. I thank you for showing up and taking part in the blog. I hope you have a fantastic day and I will check back tomorrow on whether or not that you did. I suppose we will find something out about the Supreme Court Justice debacle tomorrow and I am not extremely hopeful with all of the hate and party bias and misogynistic behavior that usually happen in the old white men's club. I do try to keep the faith that these husband and fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers can put their minds in Dr. Blasey-Ford's shoes. TTTT...MITM, out, TA!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Stamps! Who Needs 'Em?

Sorry that I did not blog yesterday; it was a rough day. My left knee was bothering me quite a bit and I, for the most part, stayed slightly medicated with my knee propped up. When I went to bet last I used a heating pad on the knee and it felt pretty good for most of this morning. It is 12:06 now and I just have a slight ache on the inside of the kneecap. I worry that it is going to lead to surgery eventually. The Achilles seems to be doing well though. Dr. York, who I highly recommend if you need any orthopedic assistance, said that I could apply IcyHot to the keel of my right foot but I have only been doing in once a day except for the days I am working: on those days I apply it three times a day. I just mailed the payment for the entire time I was with him and the physical therapist (Clayton) and it was only $237.81. Before insurance it was $1,284.81 so I am quite satisfied with the insurance covering the lion's share. Insurance is nice to have when you need it though the premiums suck when you do not. I forgot the cost of a stamp and I am mot even sure how much postage is these days as the don't put the price on them as they used to do. Another government scam to keep us docile(ish). They think they are fooling us by putting the word "FOREVER" on the stamp and they can sneak rate increases in whenever they wish and we will be none the wiser. I still have to deal with the crappy scammer, podiatrist Dr. Neil Levin - he will not be getting his entire bill paid by me. If a lawyer is needed then let the games begin!

When I went out to put the check in the mailbox I found a dead bird on the ground. I picked him/her up and took him/her to the backyard and now the rabbit that I buried there months ago has someone to talk to. I don't believe in an afterlife but maybe it's different for them and I don't want to hurt an animal's chances of having a friend in their happy hunting-ground if there happens to be one. For me, I will deal with whatever comes either by myself or with others - what do I care? I'll be dead. Dead animals always make me kind sad for some reason. Must me the Native American blood running through my happy hunting veins. Now I feel like watching Dances with Wolves for the bazillionth time.

Jill is going to be back from her week-long work think in Chicago. I will be happy to have her back home; I miss her when she is gone; she completes me. I also have the furnace/air conditioner guy - All-Star Heating and Plumbing coming out the afternoon. It was odd because when I called him he said that he was doing a service call at my next door neighbor Dan's house and would come over here right after he is done there. Two houses right next to on another? Should I suspect foul play? It is neither hot nor cold today but winter is coming and we may have warm days before winter too, huh? I will review their service when they are done here; we used them one time before and we were satisfied.

We also have to have the driveway resurfaced before winter. My good friend from across the street, Lisa, suggested Arrow Asphalt Sealing & Striping. I wonder how much extra it would be for striping a short driveway? I think that would be cool-looking but I used to wear bell-bottoms in the 70's so what do I know? Should I make it a no passing zone? Seems safer that way. I just liked their Facebook page.

I just found out that today is National Taco Day today. I did have some cheese and salsa and guacamole on a couple of corn tortillas this morning so I guess my stomach knew and told my brain. Since they were not technically tacos I will have to makeup for that blunder later in the day.You want a taco now don't you?!

It is 14:21 now and many people are watching the clock as the time winds down to the ride home.

I just showered and am starting another load of laundry. You're welcome City of DeKalb for the extra shekels on the water bill. Remind me that we need laundry detergent and bleach. Jill is not home yet as I had hoped that she would be.

All of the Trump garbage is on television right now and I notice that there are ZERO people of color behind him in the audience. To me that is huge. People need to vote even if they have never voted before. I will be dead soon and I want the future of this country and world to be better for my descendants as I imagine my ancestors wanted for me. 45 has become my least favorite number and, because of him, I want people to become more involved even if that merely means for them to first for the first time in their lives. I have a clear conscience for not voting for 45 and I cannot accept any of the blame. He is now mocking Christine Blasey Ford for being assaulted to a crowd of honkies just days after he said she was so brave to come forward... Why do we (HE) want the country to be divided? I am sick of all of it!!!! I am confident that the FBI are not swayed by politics and they have been conducting a fair investigation. I wait to hear 45 bad-mouthing the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I wonder if the television show The F.B.I. is on ROKU somewhere - if it is you know I will find it! You know I cannot wait as I owe you the answer so you don't have that bug in your brain...
Ephram looked a lot like Mannix didn't he?

Okay, there is: The F.B.I. Files on Favesome TV (which channel I may add), of course there is The X-Files (but they just investigate craziness which might fit now) and there is a show entitled FBI that is in it's first season on Fandango Now and on VUDU. I want the show that ran from 1965-1974 starring Ephram Zimbilist Junior (I remember watching that show every week as a wee lad). I probably didn't start watching it until about 1969 or 1970. He had three networks and maybe not even a PBS station yet?  We grew up with gritty television cop shows and sit-coms. AND WE LIKED IT!

I am going to end now and take the garbage cans (plastic roller doohickeys) to the curb so I do not forget. I noticed that many of the neighborhood keep their doohickeys outside while we keep ours in the garage until the night before pick-up. I am worried that they will blow away or tip over...

Now it's time to say goodbye to Matt and all his fun. He would like to thank you folks for kindly dropping in. You're all invited back next blog to this locality to have a heapin' helpin' of his jocularity.
Middle that is, set a spell, take your glasses off, y'all come back now, here?

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

I Might Just Blog the Good Life Yet

I am blogging much earlier that I usually would be blogging on a Tuesday (it is 11:31 right now). I woke-up this morning at the usual 04:57 and tried to stand up. I was in instant pain so sat back down on the bed. My left knee was swollen to the size somewhere between a softball and a mushpounder. Remember mushpounders; the really big balls that were larger and more mushy, I guess, that a softball. They were used sometimes in gym class so we could play baseball without wearing mitts. I called work and said what the problem was and that I would not be in today. My Achilles ached more than usual this morning too. Maybe the changes in seasons are going to be the literal death of me. I guess being on my feet for twelve hours worked okay for the three days last week but I must have been walking more for the 24 hours on Sunday and Monday. It was odd because when I fist stepped on the floor this morning I felt like someone slipped me a mickey. The only other living being in the house was Jeff and he does not know how to even open a can of dog food so I ruled him out as a suspect immediately. I wonder if I should have started back with less that the full shifts to get back into the swing of things? Most people were surprised that I was brought back at 100% immediately.
Surprised to learn that they use rotary phones

Sorry, I had to take a moment to answer the phone from some robot trying to get me to borrow money. Another of many numbers that I have blocked on my cell phone. I realize that it is tougher for companies to get people to answer unrecognized numbers with called ID so they cold-call people to get them to buy things that they don't need. With the internet I can find anything I want or need to buy and get all of the information about the companies and products in seconds. I am sure that I am like you in that if I do not recognize a number I will not answer the call. If they leave me a message and I want to call them back I will call them back. Most times, however, it is a number to add to the do not answer list on the phone.

You are not going to believe this - I just now got another robo call from an 888 area code.  A recording that they owe me money "because the company has been forced to close down..." There was even dramatic music playing - it was like a radio bit and they expect me to call them back and then I bet they will want my banking information. It would have been funnier if they played Mr. Roboto in the background. I may have at least listened to the entire message before I blocked it. Sadly, I imagine that the people who fall for this kind of thing are the people who can less afford it the most. I get a lot of messages like this while I am working but my phone is off at work, except during breaks, and I hear them later and delete them at home.

I may try going to supermarket (Schnuck's) this afternoon. It very close to home and I will use a shopping cart as walkers. I will even park next to one of those cart corrals so I will not have to take the cart back up to the store. I am one of those people who actually does take the cart back to the store when I am finished with the cart.

I am wearing my Bob Uecker (Mr. Baseball) T-short today. It has a plaid Brewers' logo next to his name on the back with a number 9. In case you are unaware of who he is: he is the announcer for the Brewers and was dubbed "The King of Baseball" by Johnny Carson. You may remember him from Mr. Belvedere if you old like me. He also had many bit parts in countless movies and television shows. He was in many Lite Beer commercials. He plays he announce in Major League says the great line, "juuuust a bit outside." He has been the Brewers' announcer since 1971, I don't have a dog on the World Series race anymore so I am torn. I want the Brewers to win but I have many friends that are Cubs' so I wish them victory too.

Thanks for coming by. Have a great day and avoid robo calls at all cost. TTTT...MITM (out) TA!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Of course I got a program!
I don't have much on my mind but that has never stopped me from blogging before. Since, I work three 12's after today I will think of something to write about. It was nice hearing the Cardinals win today already. Like, I think I blogged yesterday, if they offer that I can come home before the beginning of the shift tomorrow I will volunteer. Tomorrow the Cardinals will play the Cubs tomorrow at 14:20 and I wouldn't mind having a few adult beverages. Being a Sunday maybe I could get someone to meet me some place. I can think of two Cubs' fans that would be great comrades. The Card's are still in contention for the wildcard depending on how they do tomorrow and how the Milwaukee Brewers do against the Detroit Tigers. Maybe I will wear my Cardinals-Tiger's sweatshirt that I got when Fabio and I went to the 2006 World Series (one game not the entire series).

I am so please that there is going to be an FBI investigation of the Brett Kavanaugh. So many people are asking things like, "what if he were your son?" I think the more appropriate question would be, "what if Christine Blasey Ford were your daughter?" I know how I would answer each of those questions as I do have a daughter and a son. I admire Senator Jeff Flake for making a move to push though the FBI investigation and I do admire the woman who confronted him in the elevator to convince him of this just as much. We should all fight for what we believe in; especially if it is going to have ramifications (one way or another) how we and our descendants will have to struggle or strive! Blasey Ford is a hero and Flake is a hero and these women in the elevator are heroes. Never a dull moment in the Trump Whitehouse. I will leave it at that I suppose.
For you youngsters - these are record albums of LP's from long ago

I am listening to Stevie Wonder's album (or whatever they are called these days) Songs In The Key of Life. I still have a lot of LP's (33 1/3) and 45's (not to be confused with one of Earth's worst country leaders (easily in the top five worst anyway). The reason for this choice is from my "Li'l Dude" pal Jay Cole.

I cannot believe that I am wearing jeans today: I am not ready for fall/autumn or winter. I know that it doesn't matter what I am ready for though. I am not ready to die but I don't have a lot of say in the matter either. I promise that I will die and I will probably not die well. What would "dying well" be now that I write that? I give myself about eight more years so go with that in the dead pool.

I just switched and and now listening to Queen - A Night at the Opera. Thank you YouTube for what you allow me to do.
Sometimes I wish they would just mail me autograph requests

I have to get a few more things done before we head out to dinner with Cha Cha's brother (and my brother-in-law) Tom and his wife (our sister-in-law, as you may have surmised) Kara. I would tell you where we are going but if I write it here who knows what could happen? Sometimes I like to just have a quiet dinner without signing autographs and mugging for photos and such with people.

Have a great rest of your day/night. I probably will not blog again until Wednesday as I work the three 12's starting tomorrow bright and early. Enjoy whatever you have planned and be nice to people who deserve it and just avoid the ones that do not.  Thanks, as always. TTTPW probably Wednesday). xoxoxoxo

Friday, September 28, 2018

Look, Here's Today's Blog!

Can I write and you read the blog without driving each other crazy?
It's not even 08:00 on the third day of my four day weekend and I am awake and out of bed. What is wrong with me? I have been having those weird feelings in my chest and stomach like when a foot falls asleep but it is on the inside rather than the outside. Kind of like the tingling of one of your hands or feet falling asleep. I also have a slightly stuffed-up nose and I am very chilly. I sound like Felix Unger.

One great thing about this morning that I have not had in awhile is that my right Achilles aches just a little bit and my left knee area doesn't have any discomfort. I am hoping that the lack of knee discomfort continues and the Achilles gets to that same place soon. I go back to work on Sunday and it would be really nice to be relatively painless; I will not hold my breath.
This just in.... Brett Kavanaugh is a liar and a bully and a misogynistic buffoon. But the rest of the buffoon mafia that sticks up for him and praises him will probably get him into the Supreme Court. Maybe he can sit next to Clarence Thomas and they can tell war stories. I hope that I am wrong about him becoming a S. C. Justice but we have witnessed this political boy's club crap way too many times. I wonder if there are odds on whether he get in or not in Las Vegas.  I learned that betting on political elections is illegal (even in Las Vegas) but I see "the odds" are 6/4. That, basically, means that for every one dollar you bet, if you win, you would receive $1.50 in return, If you bet $100.00 and win you would get back $150.00. I was never really good at mathematics but I could always do math very well when in came to poker and blackjack and the like.

Does everybody else notice that Sarah Huckabee Sanders says "LOOK" a lot at the beginning of her sentences? I am not sure that someone who speaks like that should be should be the White House Press Secretary. Maybe it does make since given who the GOOFUS  POTUS is currently. Shouldn't she, at least, say "LISTEN" instead of "look" if she wants people to listen to her kissing 45's lying, misogynistic rants? Even though that would be rude it would be more linguistically proper. Do you suppose she really believes the crap that she spews or does she just like the paycheck so she puts up with the lies and garbage. Maybe she is just waiting to write her memoirs about the (hopefully short) time with a lunatic, sexist, racist, psychopath President?

Did I mention that Brent Kavanaugh is guilty? Sadly, he will still become a Supreme Court Judge, I fear, because crooks of a feather protect their own kind. I don't know how 45 can even comment at all about sexual misconduct as he his whitewashed in sexual misconduct. I have always respected females as that is how I was brought-up. I would have behaved that way even if I was never told that by my parents. I am kind and friendly to everyone I come in contact with until I have a reason not to be kind or friendly to them for a reason. Most of the people that I know as friends behave that same way because, most of the time, "birds from a feather flock together." I would not flock with mean or racist or misogynistic... I would still be civil but  that is about as much as I would be with people that behave in these manners.

I am going to end now because I have whipped myself into an internal frenzy thinking about all of the evil and unwarranted hatred in the world. Have a great day. TTTT...MITM (out) TA!